Sunday, June 1, 2014

World Wide KAP Week 2014

I have been distracted by other forms of AP lately, namely RC flight Aerial Photography, video, building and flying, so WWKW2014 is a great opportunity to rekindle my love of KAP.

Unfortunately Mother Nature had a different idea. WWKW 2014 for me has been 7 days of frustration waiting for the rain to stop, the clouds to disperse and the wind to show up at all.

I could only manage 2 sessions but I'm reasonably happy with the results.

First session was with the PFK Nighthawk in not much wind. I returned to a favourite site, Point Henry,  hoping to capture some shots of approaching rain clouds. Lack of practice meant all I got was water and some beach. Still, that's why KAP is interesting, you never know what you've got.

The second session was again at Point Henry in a late afternoon dash when the clouds dispersed and wind came up.

But even with my largest kite, 2m Rokkaku, it was barely enough. The Rok would fly OK but struggle to lift my lightest manual rig for the Canon S100.

For this shot I tilted the camera up hoping to catch the kite in the frame with the setting sun. Altitude is only 10m or so but it is still a KAP shot.

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  1. Hi Andrew how does someone get involved in WWKW

    1. Greetings frankleg, WWKW is initiated by one of the KAP Forum posters here It's very informal, basically someone says something like "Isn't it time we had another WWKW?" A week is selected and the WWKW Flickr group is re-opened.

  2. Hi Andrew, you need to build a larger rokkaku! :-)

    (Erich Chew)

  3. Thanks for all these usefull information!