Monday, January 28, 2013

Line-pull ratios

After recording line-pull with 4 KAP kites in Bft 1 to 5 (2 to 18kn) I have worked out a rough estimate of line-pull ratios. The ratios are expressed as line-pull (lb) to wind strength (kn)

Line-pull Ratios (lb:kn)
7ft Pirate Rok              1:1
ITW Levitation Delta    1:2
Peter Lynn 2m2 Pilot   2:5
PFK Nighthawk            1:3

Which means the line-pull (in pounds) of the Rok roughly equals the wind strength (in knots). The Levi delta pulls half as much as the Rok and the PFK one third as much.

For example: In 12kn the Rok pulls at 12lb, the Levi pulls at 6lb, the PL pilot pulls at 5lb and the PFK pulls at 4lb. 

Rok and PFK in Bft 1-2. Insufficient wind for the Levi delta and PL 2m2 Pilot.

Four kites in Bft 3 


  1. You have the most amazing blog on the finer, technical issues of kites. Thank you!