Wednesday, January 9, 2013

RC Transmitter mod

I mentioned in a previous post, Proportional pan servo, about changing the transmitter control sticks for dial pots or variable resistors.

That meant I could set up the rig so the camera orientation directly related to the position of the pan and tilt controls. You always know where the camera is pointing by looking at the dials.

This video shows how it was done.

It was surprisingly easy with all the components unplugging and plugging back in. I just needed to cut the plugs off unused levers to reuse on the pots. This RC set is 4ch and I only needed 2ch.

I first measured the resistance of the lever pots and got values ranging from 1k to 2k. Folks on the KAP Forum had used 5k successfully so I bought 5k and 1k. Both worked and gave the same range of servo movement.

I got sick of trying to juggle the reel and transmitter at the same time so decided it would be better to move the control knobs off the transmitter to a hand held extension cord. Now the transmitter stays in my pack and the controls dangle over my shoulder within easy reach.

This was easy, really just adding longer wires to the pots.

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