Thursday, January 31, 2013

Blow-back and pre-angle

The picavet system does a good job of keeping the camera level, except for light rigs in strong wind. Light rigs can suffer from blow-back where the wind blows the rig back away from the vertical.

You can see how the camera is angled compared to the horizon in the left photo, which would result in many unusable tilted shots. The effect is greater up higher in strong wind and when the camera is side-on.

The right photo shows the camera pre-angled to counteract the blow-back effect resulting in a higher number of level shots.

This is only possible with a rig that allows the camera to rotate from landscape to portrait orientation.

400g Aurico pan rig in Bft 5 (18kn). 

The picavet cross on my basic GoPro rig has extra mount hole positions allowing the camera to be mounted off centre for the same reason.

Black Lighthouse and Fort Queenscliff

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