Thursday, December 20, 2012

Jittering tilt servo

In the never ending quest for a lighter rig I tried some metal geared micro servos. The tilt servo directly supports the camera so it needs a strong metal spline.

This first servo I tried was a Turnigy TGY 113MG servo weighing 12g (a Futaba S3003 weighs 36g) and has metal gears and spline. Torque rated at 1.8kg/cm.

Unfortunately it was not strong enough to tilt 270g of camera, cradle and shutter servo without breaking into crazy jittering, shown in this video.

Even making sure the camera and tray were accurately balanced didn't improve the jittering.

I needed to find a light mini servo with more torque.

The Turnigy 380MG mini servo, 16g weight and 3.5kg/cm torque turned out to be the answer. It has a funky see through purple casing, standard Futaba sized spline with 3mm thread and no jittering.

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